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Trump Is Accused Of Stealing Syria’s Oil

Trump Is Accused Of Stealing Syria’s Oil 17.11.2019

Trump Is Accused Of Stealing Syria’s Oil

The United States is stealing Syria’s oil, Bashar al-Assad said on November 15. In an interview, Assad also called the United States “a state built as a political regime on gangs”.

The United States continue its interference in the internal affairs of Syria. Washington is trying to prove the legitimacy of its presence in Syria to preserve the possibility of stealing the Syrian resources.

It was reported that Donald Trump approved an expanded military mission to ensure the safety of oil fields in eastern Syria. Under the new plan, the troops will defend a large piece of land controlled by Kurdish militants. However, its exact size has not been determined yet, the agency noted.

Later, the U.S. State Department said that oil in the controlled areas of Syria is produced by local authorities, and there are no instructions from the President to do anything with oil fields.

In early November, the Turkish agency reported the construction of two military bases in the Syrian province of Deir ez-Zor in the area of oil fields.

In October, after the start of the Turkish Source of Peace operation in northeastern Syria, Trump ordered the withdrawal of approximately 1 thousand U.S. troops from the region. However, it was reported that the United States would leave a small military contingent in the Deir ez-Zora region in northeastern Syria due to the presence of Iran in eastern Syria and the possible access of Damascus to the Deir ez-Zora oil fields. Mark Esper, the Pentagon chief, said that the American army was strengthening its position in Deir ez-Zor to protect oil fields.

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