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New Sanctions Against Iran May Lead To Price Rise

New Sanctions Against Iran May Lead To Price Rise 24.01.2020

New Sanctions Against Iran May Lead To Price Rise

The new U.S. sanctions against Iran in connection with the crash of Boeing 737-800 may raise the price of oil to 75-80 USD per barrel. Anti-Iranian sanctions have already been taken into account, but the new sanctions may raise the prices even higher.

The country insists on the toughest sanctions, limiting exports and new restrictions on the financial sector of Iran. OPEC+ countries may also increase oil production quotas.

On Thursday, Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said the Boeing 737-800 of Ukraine’s International Airlines in Tehran was accidentally shot down by an Iranian missile. Soon, Boris Johnson noted that the Ukrainian plane could have been unintentionally shot down by an Iranian ground-to-air missile, but added that a full-scale investigation should be conducted.

Earlier, CBC reported that Washington had provided the information that allegedly confirms the version that the crash of the Boeing 737-800 was a volley from the Iranian anti-aircraft missile system. At the same time, Trudeau urged not to rush to conclusions and to conduct a comprehensive and transparent investigation to establish the true causes of the crash. The Boeing 737-800 flying to Kiev crashed shortly after leaving Tehran Airport on Wednesday morning. According to the official figures, all people died.

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