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Marijskij NPZ

Section: Oil companies

Marijskij NPZ
Марийский НПЗ

OIL Resurs company supplies high-quality domestic products to Russian consumers. We offer products from the Mari Oil Refinery, the prices of which are significantly lower than the average market prices. Since 2015, this company has been managed by the Novy Potok Group of Companies, which bought the plant’s shares from VTB Group. The laying of the construction of the oil refinery took place at the end of 1995 and three years later the first products were received.

Currently, the Mari Oil Refinery DGK and other raw materials and finished motor fuels are exported to European countries and Turkey. An enterprise with the introduction of an additional AT-2 unit is capable of processing up to 1.0 tons of crude oil per year. The processing depth is up to 70%, and work is underway on the reconstruction of equipment in order to increase this indicator.

Range and quality of products

The mentioned enterprise produces 12 types of oil products and other types of fuels and lubricants. The fuel and energy company Oil Resource Group LLC sells an extensive range of products from this manufacturer, including motor fuel from the Mari Oil Refinery:

  • Stable gasoline
  • Fuel oil of brand 100, low-ash, 25 ⁰C
  • Gas condensate distillates

In addition, the company offers the remains of heavy fractions, which can be used as raw material for road bitumen. The laboratory of the plant issues a passport for products sold at the Mari Oil Refinery, which is documentary evidence of quality. Copies of certificates can be found on the website of our company.

Prices for fuel and lubricants of the Mari Oil Refinery

The products manufactured by the Mari Oil Refinery are delivered from the bulk terminal of the enterprise and delivered to the consumer by road or rail. The cost of the fuel sold by us at the said plant, taking into account delivery to the place of unloading, is calculated automatically in the online calculator and when applying for